Athletes Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

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Many professional athletes want to be better than their opponents so they think the use of performance enhancing drugs is the solution. Many athletes also get involved in the use of illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine which can ruin their professional career and even ruin their lives. There has been many cases in which many athletes have died because of the overdose of drugs. Athletes want to get an advantage over their opponents so they the use drugs to enhance their performance, but what ends up happening is that their career ends up going down hill. The use of drugs by athletes started in the late 1890’s but it wasn't a big deal until the 1970’s. Athletes take drugs not only to enhance their performance but to look better for example …show more content…
For example “Len Bias was an all-American basketball player at the University of Maryland. In 1986 he won the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year Award, and he was the second overall pick in that year’s NBA draft. Less than 48 hours after the draft, Bias died of a cocaine overdose. He was 22 years old” (Drugs and athletes,13).Another example of someone losing their live because of drugs is former cy young pitcher Steve Howe, “During the next decade, Howe was in and out of rehab as often as he changed teams. In 2006, while under the influence of methamphetamine, he crashed his truck and died on impact”(Drugs and athletes,14). Both of these athletes could have been great professional athletes and they had a great career ahead of them,but getting involved in drugs ruined it all for …show more content…
Roy Tarpley was a professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks, in 1994 he tested positive for the use of illegal drugs so he ended up getting expelled from the Nba for a couple of years, after getting a second chance in 1994 he again tested positive for illegal drugs which lead to him being banned from the Nba for the rest of his life.Darryl Henley, a player for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, was sentenced to 41 years in prison in 1990 for drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit murder”(Drugs and athletes,15). Many times you think that athletes only use drugs like steroids to enhance their performance but these are some examples on how athletes use illegal drugs as well. It was proven that steroids cause behavior problems in athletes as well has players having mood swings because of using them.”Steroid use by professional baseball players went largely unnoticed before 1998, when Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals hit seventy home runs in a single season Then it was proven that baseball players such as Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds have been using steroids to enhance their performance”(Steroids in baseball,1).Many athletes have been involved with drugs, so professional leagues have become more strict on how they test players in order for the number of players doing drugs can

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