Us 101 Week Two Setting and Evaluating Goals Essay

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US 101 Week Two Setting and Evaluating Goals

Week 2 Assignment Directions

Feel Free to do your work on this document if you want. You can also open your own blank document and do your work on it. Be sure to follow all directions carefully, including writing in complete sentences.

Please do not submit more than one document for this assignment. All parts of the assignment need to be one document.
There are THREE parts to this assignment, so be sure to complete all three parts.

Before starting the assignment, review the grading guide for this assignment to ensure you are completing the whole assignment and realize how you will be graded.

Grading Guide for Week 2 SMART Goal Setting |Content
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|Additional Comments |
|• Sentences are complete and clear. | |
|• Spelling is correct. | |
|• Grammar is appropriate to this level of coursework. | |
|Total |Points Earned |
|50 Points |/50 |

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