Essay on Upgrading The Caribou Memorial Hospital

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Key issues

• Purpose o The purpose of upgrading the Caribou Memorial Hospital to a CAH was to improve the services it offers to the community. o Another reason was to find the impact it has on other rural hospitals by raising the status of the hospitals. o In addition, they needed to know the impact of the Flex program on the medical services delivery.
• Electronic record keeping o The hospital is yet to embrace new electronic record keeping for patients’ database as plans are underway with the new management.
• Source of funds

o The hospitals receives its financing from a number of sources. First is the payments by the patients, even though the turnover is lower than expected compared to the level of the hospital. However we are also told that some people travelling to other regions to find cheaper medical care.

o The hospital also gets its funding from the Flex Program.

o They are the key financiers of the project and are the ones responsible for funding the case study on the hospitals.

o The Flex program also funds other hospitals in the region.

o The hospital also gets funds from the Idaho Hospital Association and Medicaid. o They are additionally financed by other CAHs, although it has not been disclosed how much other CAHs impact on the financials of the hospital.

o The cash collection has also improved since the upgrading to CAH as they now have over 150 day cash-on-hand and a positive total margin.

o The money received by the hospitals is used to…

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