Unsafe Miscarriage Essay

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OBJECTIVE: To study the pattern of clinical presentation in patients with unsafe miscarriage.
STUDY DESIGN: Case series descriptive study.
SETTING: Place and duration of study department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Military Hospital Rawalpindi.
DURATION OF STUDY: Study was carried out over a period of one year from 10.04.2016 to 09.04.2017.
PATIENTS AND METHODS: Thirty patients were included in this study after approval of the ethical committe. Detailed clinical assessment of the patients was carried out and clinical presentations of the cases were noted. Method of abortion was also noted.
In our study, 30 patients who presented in emergency with unsafe miscarriage were studied. Patients belonged to different age
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Unsafe abortion and its associated complication is still a problem in Pakistan. High quality post-abortion care will help a long way in saving many …show more content…
Fifty percent of all patients of unsafe miscarriages may suffer perforation of their uterus, yet most of these injuries will remain undiagnosed and untreated unless laparoscopic visualization is performed or till laparotomy of the patient is done.10 The prevailing situation of unsafe miscarriage in our country and other developing countries inspired me to conduct this study to highlight the gravity of situation regarding miscarriage complications leading to maternal morbidity and mortality. This will help to increase awareness in females, couples and community regarding the plight of women. This will also help in increasing use of

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