Essay about Unnatural Born Killers : Human Existence

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Unnatural Born Killers Conflict is nearly synonymous with human existence. Every action and thought is centered on resolving conflict; conflict with nature, conflict with ourselves, and especially conflict with others. As history shows, conflicts between people are often solved with violence, and as a result war and the warrior were invented. With the centuries of warfare it would be reasonable to assume that humans have evolved to kill, yet the numbers of modern soldiers with psychological damage continues to skyrocket. I argue that people were designed to kill, however we cannot cope with the violence we create.
War in the 20th and 21st century is drastically different than that of ancient battlefields with the advancement in arms being solely responsible for the gratuitous number of casualties and cases of PTSD. War has been fought for centuries, but cases of PTSD and battle fatigue are hardly mentioned in many historical texts or military doctrine. This is not to say that it didn’t happen or that ancient physicians didn’t understand what they were dealing with, as a crude understanding of the mind would allow such diagnosis to go unnoticed, but the fact is that these instances of PTSD actually happened less. (Nikolas, Battle Fatigue) This is because of the way ancient wars were fought; normally in large ranks of soldiers all shoulder to shoulder. Standing directly next to a comrade-at-arms is a great relief in combat; it boosts and fortifies our resolve as…

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