Globalization In Warfare

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Globalization of technology in warfare
Greek philosopher once wrote “war is the father of all things.” Leadership, tactics, and fighting spirit were all key elements to winning a war at one point in time. However the history of the warfare changed when the United States entered the war. It wasn’t about tactics and leadership it became about who could build the best technology and making it better. Technology that we come to know today has evolved and has been used since World War I. Before World War I militaries thought that tactics and strategy win wars, but when WWI started that was no longer true. New technology was needed to top the enemy like machine guns, tanks, and poisonous gas. Before WWI there were guns that men had to load the
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This included medical advances in the Korean War, Automatic rifles, and new chemical technology. The cold war led to many advances in medical technology. The M.A.S.H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) unit was born once the Korean War had started, this helped save many lives by have medical personal being in the area where the combat was taking place at the time the soldier had been wounded. Body armor was also a developed to help the soldier have good movement with protection. Body armor wasn’t a new technology it was created by Europeans as early as the 16th century, this early body armor weighed too much and offered little protection compared to this new armor. This would be an improvement in the way troops fight because it would help a soldier take a bullet and keep moving forward. With body armor’s ability to more effectively stop bullets new guns with better calibers that were able to penetrate the new armor had to come out. The Russians replaced their old rifle the SKS with a newer rifle known as the AK47. This is one of the most widely used rifles known for its reliability. The AK47 was made to withstand nature’s elements like Korea’s cold climate or Vietnam’s humid climate and muddy landscapes. The United States developed their own rifle to replace their M14, this weapon would be known as the M16. The M16 was a rifle that had recoil that was a lot less than the M14 or the AK47 making it more accurate. The issue with the M16 at first was the soldiers were told that they never had to clean the rifles this caused a lot of jams and cost many soldiers’ their lives. This rifle became as popular and widely used as the AK47 has. Other weapons used were chemical weaponry known as Agent Orange, which was a herbicide that caused tumors, birth defects, and other psychological effects. This herbicide was used to clear out forestry to make way for US troops.

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