Universal Studios Research Paper

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Los Angeles is a big city with many things to do. It is a great city to make an abundance of memories. LA is known for its film making industry, Hollywood, and all the celebrities that live there. People should travel to Los Angeles, California because it's a big city with many stores to go shopping (and almost everyone loves shopping). Los Angeles, California is one of the most modern and famous cities in the world.
If you ever go to Los Angeles, you should visit Universal Studios of West Hollywood. Universal Studios is a great place to go if you get starstruck, as there is almost always a few celebrities there. Universal Studios is expensive to visit, $74.00 for adults, $66.00 for children under 48 inches tall, and free for kids 2 and under (Frommers.com). Even though Universal Studios is a bit pricey, the memories you make are definitely worth it. At Universal Studios there are 9 thrilling rides. You can buy an “All You Can Eat” pass and be able to dine all day for one price (UniversalStudios). There is an abundance of different restaurants to choose from at
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This branch is located in Studio City (right by Universal Studios of West Hollywood), and is extremely affordable. In-N-Out bakes their own buns using old-fashioned, slow rising sponge dough (www.in-n-out.com). In-N-Out does everything the old fashioned and fresh way, to make their food better for you. In-N-Out has a “secret” menu that you can access on their website with foods like grilled cheese, The Protein Style (a burger wrapped in lettuce instead if a bun), 3x3 (a burger with 3 100% pure beef patties), 4x4 (a burger with 4 100% pure beef patties), Double Meat (a burger with 2 100% pure beef patties), and much, much more. In-N-Out is known for their 100% fresh pure beef patties (www.in-n-out). In-N-Out has all of their produce shipped fresh from a farm. In-N-Out is just what it sounds like, a great place to get a quick bite to

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