Essay about United States And The Soviet Union

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At the end of world war two for the first time in 35 years Korea was free of Japanese occupation. Due to the agreements that the Soviet Union signed with America to join the pacific war against Japan the Soviet army stopped at the 38th parallel and the country was split into two, the Soviet Union controlled the North and the Americans controlled the south.

With the fall of Fascism and the rise of communism across Europe, the United States and the USSR both strived to prove the superiority of their government systems, this resulted in the formation of two starkly different governments in the now divided Korea. This produced rising tensions along the 38th parallel as uprisings against the southern government, while the united state continued to strive for elections to take place for a united Korea under the supervision of the United Nations on the 10th of May 1948. The Soviet Union refused the proposals and held their own election three months later and voted in Kim Il-sung as their president, the south responded to the refusals by holding independent elections and the new régime lead by Syngman Rhee banned all communists and leftists from the political affairs of the south.

Tensions began to rise in South Korea as uprisings began to take place across the country in opposition to the united states occupation of the land, this lead to widespread atrocities to quell the uprisings, in consequence the tensions between the North and south continued to rise as both sides…

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