Unit 307 Support Assessment for Learning Essay

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Support Assessment for Learning
Outcome 1 Understand the purpose and characteristics of assessment for learning
1.1 Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners’ achievements The teacher is responsible for assessing children to see what level they are on, and monitoring their progress and achievements by a certain time. My role is to support the pupils in achieving these goals and to support the teacher through giving feedback after a learning activity has taken place. The teacher will need to know about every child’s progress and achievements so that they can prepare their end of year reports, hold parents’ evenings etc. Assessing the pupils’ progress is an ongoing
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Being part of the process of assessment empowers them to improve their work where needed and they will feel that they have worked hard to achieve their work. This will help develop the pupils’ self esteem and their motivation. They will feel that they need to achieve something for themselves rather than because the teacher has told them to do so. Children who are not part of this process are more likely to lose interest in the learning, maybe because they do not fully understand why they are doing it. Giving feedback to the children about their work will help make sure that each pupil develops to their full potential whether they are high-achievers or less able. Giving the pupils the opportunity helps them to see where they are expected to achieve to, what they are able to achieve and what they need to do to achieve this.
1.5 Explain how assessment for learning can contribute to planning for future learning carried out by: a) The teacher
Effective assessment for learning will enable the teacher to pass on the responsibility to the child, over time, for managing their own learning. This will mean that they are more actively involved in the process. b) The learners
The process of assessment for learning will help the pupils because they will be able to identify areas which they may need to work on and how they approach their learning. They will have more self-esteem and more able to look at what their objective for learning is and this will

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