My Career As A Teacher

My career as a teacher started when I was accepted as an inter teacher for Breakthrough Collaborative, Sacramento the summer of 2013. The first two weeks of the program were an intensive training program that taught me many of the tools I use today inside my classroom. During these two weeks, each department also worked closely with our department head who showed us our curriculum. Since all of us were either still in high school or part way through college, we were lucky to receive daily lesson plans. These lesson plans included everything from the agenda with set minutes, to the structured and guided practice. While having these completed lesson plans were a blessing, week by week the lesson plans would contain missing parts such as the do …show more content…
Since the curriculum I use falls under the cooperative learning model, how I assess my students as individuals is important. One way I assess students before a quiz or test is through a website called KAHOOT.IT. KAHOOT.IT is an interactive website that makes learning fun and allows teachers and students to see what topics need to be reviewed. As a teacher it is easy to create a quiz for your class or even pick one of the thousands of public quizzes or surveys. Once I have created a quiz, I can share a game pin with my students who will then create a nickname and be ready to play. After each question is asked, the class is able to see how many people picked each answer. This feedback is important for me as the teacher because it shows me what subtopics need more review. It also shows an individual student what they need to study before their test. KAHOOT.IT incorporates 21st century learning by using technology as a tool to learn. Another assessment tool I use in my classroom is an explanation quiz, which is a verbal check in with groups during an activity. Explanation quizzes hold all students accountable in the learning process because when a group is ready for a check in I will randomly ask a student in the group to explain one of the questions. If the student can explain the answer and how they got their answer then I will give the group four out of four points. If the student can tell me the answer but has trouble explaining how they got the answer I give the group a two or a three depending on the answer. A two or a three tells the group that they need to collaborate to make sure everyone at the table understands how to solve the problem. Each table gets three attempts to get a four before moving on to the next checkpoint. Assessments are powerful tools that allow

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