Essay on My Career As A Teacher

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My career as a teacher started when I was accepted as an inter teacher for Breakthrough Collaborative, Sacramento the summer of 2013. The first two weeks of the program were an intensive training program that taught me many of the tools I use today inside my classroom. During these two weeks, each department also worked closely with our department head who showed us our curriculum. Since all of us were either still in high school or part way through college, we were lucky to receive daily lesson plans. These lesson plans included everything from the agenda with set minutes, to the structured and guided practice. While having these completed lesson plans were a blessing, week by week the lesson plans would contain missing parts such as the do now, objective, homework, or closure. This allowed me to learn how to write an objective or pick a closure activity such as an exit ticket. Breakthrough’s lesson plans line up with the instructional model of direct instruction because each lesson goes through a say, see, do cycle. These say, see, do cycles are similar to a teaching tip I found in Guillaume’s text, which states that direct instruction uses the flow of “I do it. I check that you understand. We do it. You show me. You’ve got it! You do it” (Guillaume, 151). From teaching direct instruction the summer of 2013 as well as the summer of 2014, I have been able to see students master skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

As I was reading Guillaume’s chapter on…

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