Essay about Unit 16 Assignment 1 P1

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The internal factors to be considered when planning the human resource requirements for an organisation are the internal planning force, demands for products/services, technological change, skill requirements, workforce profiles (age, gender, ethnicity, ability) and new markets. Internal planning factors are within the business to help the organisation change to cope with new methods of work or new demands; it may be the business is being introduced to new technology or new product lines. Also it maybe developing new skill so that the workforce can work more efficiently. The demand for products and service is important, if the demand for these change for a business it has a affect on human resources because it can affect the level of …show more content…
Depending whether the business is capital-intensive (involves a lot of machinery and technology) or labour-intensive (requires a lot of human resources) will depict what training is required. To remain competitive the business will plan future training and introduce new training so their staff remain an efficient work force.

Workforce profiles is maintained by human resources, this allows business managers to see the different types of employees they have working for them, they can see their age, gender, ethnicity and ability. Knowing information about the current is helpful, having employees of a high age can alert human resources that they will need to be recruiting because it is likely there will be a lot retirements in the nearby future. Also having a workforce profile means the business can avoid breaching the employment equality regulations 2006, they can show differentiation within their workforce and demonstrates whether there is equality of opportunity.

To increase business a company must consider new markets, to do this it may mean they expand or target new audiences to buy a new product/service that they now provide. To do this new employees may need to be hired or existing employees may need new training to be able to provide the service or fulfil the tasks. It may involve human resources to see if any current employees have any

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