Essay about Unit 10 Assignment 1: Controls

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Unit 10 Assignment 1:
IS 4560
Hacking and Countermeasures
Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unit 10 Assignment 1: Controls
Aim Higher College needs to ensure the safety of all its information. Recently we have seen suspicious and careless activity in the research data center. Data center technicians have reported lights left on, doors left open, successful logins to the research database, as well as login attempts in the backup business database after normal hours of operation. Because this is also the backup for our business information we need to keep this area as secure as possible.
In order maintain control over who has access to what in the center we need first ensure that only those that need
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Preferable would be to have a backup generator so that information can be saved and moved to another site or to maintain functionality until the power comes back on.
Protection of the systems will consist of the floor being raised by at least eight inches from the ground and an automatic pump system in place to mitigate flooding. Because there are people working in these areas we need to ensure that we have an adequate fire suppression and we need to keep in mind the equipment that is in the room. The recommendation here is to use an waterless fire suppression. While it may not be as cheap as using water, the damage of having a water system in the area will be much more expensive. Waterless systems work by lowering the oxygen in the area to a point that the fire cannot continue combustion without the harmful effects to persons like Halon or CO2. The have been proven to put out fires faster without any damage people. This will give all persons enough time to evacuate calmly in case of fire . Water systems only help in containing the fire until fire fighters can arrive, in the meantime, we are causing damage to our own equipment They cost of the damage would be in the millions to replace servers and other equipment. The estimated time after a fire with a water system is approximately one month if data can be recovered.
Not that we have the physical aspect

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