Unit 1 Level 5 Essay

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EDI Level 5 Care, Leadership & Management.
Unit 1 CU2941.
1:1 Review the range of group individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. In my job role I communicate with many varied groups. On a daily basis communicate with clients and their families in order to deal with any queries or concerns regarding the support we provide. I have frequent communication with external agencies Social Services, CPN other support agencies to discuss concerns regarding the clients’ health and wellbeing. On occasion I am also required to contact GP’s if a client becomes unwell I may also have to talk with other specialists, alcohol and drug services in order to make referrals on behalf
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1.5 Use different means of communication to use for different needs. Within my work role we provide several forms of communication. If a client is unable to speak English we provide an interpreter to attend any support sessions this fee is paid for by BCC this helps in understanding client’s needs. We also try and give them someone who can speak their language as understanding is apparent for their support needs. Any written communication we send out to the client would also my written in their preferred language as well as offering any information in varied formats such as large print and Braille. For clients who are unable to read we offer a DVD option containing all the necessary information we are communicating. In addition to these options we also print information on yellow paper if requested by people with dyslexia.
2.1 – 2.2 Monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and practices. Within my work role I have supported another collegue putting together a Service User Questionnaire, this is sent out to the client to complete and give feedback as to how they find the service Aspects provides and any improvements they feel could be made. This can be provided in a variety of forms for example, DVD, large print, Braille and or the preferred language of the client. (See copy of Service User Questionnaire.) In addition to the Service User Questionnaire an additional staff questionnaire is put together to allow staff to share their

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