Unit 1 English exam revision Essay

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Unit 1 – Studying Written Language

Reading non-fiction texts:
This unit assesses your reading skills. You will be given two non-fiction texts to read in the exam and you will be required to answer several structured questions.
The non-fiction texts may include:
 Fact sheets
 Leaflets
 Formal and informal letters
 Extracts from biographies
 Extracts from diaries
 Advertisements
 Formal reports
 Articles
 Websites
Visual Materials will always be included in the materials used; photos, diagrams,artworks and logos.
Approaching the tasks
You will need to answer all of the questions on the exam paper.
These questions may require you to:
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Audience and purpose
Who is it aimed at
Why is it written
Read the whole text to get a general idea of what it is about.
Re-read the whole text annotating or highlighting key words and phrases that stand out
Look at how language is used to appeal to the audience and acheive the purpose

 Use examples of words and short phrases to support and illustrate your points
 Comment on the specific effects created by the examples of language you have selected
Make sure your examples are:
 Well-chosen and appropriate
 Short and concise
 Support the points you wish to make
Comparing texts

One of the questions in this unit will ask you compare two texts or to use the information from both texts to explain and compare what the texts have to say and how they say it
Approaching your comparison
Before you can write a comparison you need to read both of them carefully and identify the ideas you might use in your response

Here are some of the topics you might look at:
 The types of the texts
 Differences/similarities in intended audience
 Difference/similarities in purpose
 Mood and tone
 Use of language
 The way each text is structured
When comparing two non-fiction texts in this exam, it is important that you follow the

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