Unit 010: Support Children's Positive Behaviour

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Unit 010: Support children and young people’s positive behaviour
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Describe the policies and procedures of the setting to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.
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"Research suggests that bullying not only causes considerable suffering to individual pupils but also has a damaging effect on the school atmosphere" ( Elton 1989) The dictionary defines "bully" as "a person who uses strength or power to coerce others by fear." It must include any behaviour which denies others’ respect, including racial discrimination, general racism, sexism and child abuse by adults and children. Every incident of bullying will be followed up in our school and the victim will feel supported. In this way hopefully the likelihood of a recurrence is reduced. We will inform the parents of the victim and the bully of the actions we are taking regarding their own child, the reasons underlying the actions and ways in which they can support and reinforce our methods. We will never, ‘bully the bully’ as this will only give credibility to their …show more content…
Listening to children and valuing their opinion:
Doing this demonstrates that you respect the children in your care. By asking children what they want to do and how they feel can help to avoid frustration building. This is key because inappropriate behaviour can be a result of frustration and anger.

Providing a stimulating and challenging environment:
When children attend settings that provide stimulating challenges within a challenging environment, behaviour is generally more positive overall.
Children are more likely to behave inappropriately when they are bored. But their behaviour can also be affected if they become over-excited in a hyped-up environment.
There should be a good range of activities to promote all areas of development. There should also be a good routine which allows times for being active along with restful pursuits.

Giving children choices:
This is a good way to promote children’s positive behaviour. When children can have a say in what they want to do, it encourages a positive frame of mind. It promotes positive behaviour and encourages responsibility.

Adult role

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