Unilever Company Case Study

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Online test has certain pros and cons. The pros of online test for Employers are, it has shown that a small percentage of candidates have actually backed out. The cost of this process is very low; Candidates don’t need to travel to a designated area for the test, completing it online at home using their own personal computer. The CVs of youthful applicants with minimal expert experience, such apprentices and trainees, frequently don't offer satisfactory separating information to empower reasonable and just pre-selection for candidate interviews. Online assessments convey supplementary information on impartially tantamount attributes.
The pros for Candidates are, the online test are multiple choice question, which gives choices
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Unilever made a joint venture with a soap company and it was known as the largest factory in Malaysia. Unilever vision is to take care of customers live and express their success through people’s emotions. For example, people enjoy their drinks, staying clean on personal hygiene and of course, customer’s smile when they use Unilever’s products.

The pros about Unilever company is that the company get to sell a lot of beauty products, foods and they also sell drinks products which people will buy. Therefore, Unilever has the advantage in distribution section, pricing power and economy scale. Another focus area is that Unilever spends a lot on R&D (Research and Development) to make sure they provide good quality products so that the customer will actually believe there’s no harm in it. Unilever plans to be the world leader in Research and Development through innovation and renovation. That will show a good sign where to get customers believe. I believe Unilever will try to work in a positive working
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At times, it can also been seen as too rigid.
(Unilever Future Leaders Programme, 2015)

The Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) is all about helping and creating business leaders of tomorrow as well as a great opportunity for fresh graduates around the world. It is designed in a way that gives all training and experienced required to help shape the future of the worlds most loved brands. I think the Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) is a great opportunity for fresh graduates and it will also allow graduates to work on with great brands and also work with fantastic people.
Besides, at the same time Unilever also offers a range of development opportunities. Graduates will have a real responsibility from day one for graduates to develop on the job and I the most important is graduates will also get to personally drive their career to wherever you want it to be around the

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