Unicef 's The Fight Against Hiv Essay

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One organization that is helping in the fight against HIV is UNICEF. Unicef is an organization that focuses on promoting the well being of children. Unicef works with many different countries; one of those countries is Ghana. Unicef works to promote the education of children, especially young girls (Unicef). On the Unicef website it states “ we work to prevent the spread of HIV/Aids among young people because it is right to keep them from harm and enable them to protect others we help children and families with HIV/Aides to live their lives with dignity” (Unicef). One way that Unicef has been dealing with prevention against HIV/Aids transmission is through education. Unicef has enacted an education program that teaches children about HIV, and practicing safe sex. The HIV Alert Club is a student organization that teaches children to protect themselves against HIV, and sexually transmitted disease (Unicef). Unicef partnered with the Ministry of Education in Ghana, to implement this program into every school across the country (Unicef). Education is a key tool in preventing the spread of disease. Unicef’s main focus is to prevent the spread of infection from mother to child. According to their website 3 in 5 pregnant and breastfeeding women living with HIV are taking ART to prevent mother to child transmission (Unicef). In 2014 they have also seen a 60% reduction in Aids related death among children (Unicef). Unicef tires to promote HIV testing to mothers, and…

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