Personal Narrative: Heavenly, Stop Kick My Chair Please

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"Heavenly, stop kicking my chair please." I continued to kick his chair because I was three and three year olds rarely follow directions the first time given.
Heavenly-Diamond Kapri Bynum "STOP KICKING MY SEAT." He turned around and gave me the look that let me know that there was about to be some trouble if I didn’t stop. "Yes sir."
At a young age I had to learn that kicking the back of the seat while dad was sitting in the front wasn’t the best idea. I was little, so kicking my feet as we drove was fun. I didn’t know any better, but I learned fast after a few taps on the leg. He told me to "stop" but it didn 't click at first but I got it after I realized that my leg hurts after he tapped me a few times. I can remember being a little girl walking around the house on Cliffton in Detroit, most people would call where I lived the "hood" but it was home to me. There were people always
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We walked around all over the place eating different foods and listening to the music and taking a million and one pictures. We took a picture in front of the Joe Luis fist and the blue justice guy with the sun in one hand and the earth in the other, to me he just looks like the Statue Of Liberty. I know exactly what I was wearing, yellow shirt, light jeans, and brown coach shoes and I had little twists in my hair that were put up in a ponytail. I knew all of that but I didn’t know what was going to happen after, now that I think about it I wonder why we did all those things that day just for my parents to sit us down when it was all over and tell us that they were getting a divorce. In the back of my mind I knew that it was coming just because of everything that happened when I was growing up and in the long run I think it was the best idea for them as a couple. I cried and asked why and they said the regular

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