The Influence Of Gang Life

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Did you ever just want to go somewhere to get away from everything? When I was about 5 years old I had that feeling because my father was an alcoholic and liked to be with other women while my mother would be trying to take care of me and other siblings. One time I remember hearing both of my parents arguing around 3 in the morning and I heard someone punch the wall, as soon as I went to check my dad told me to leave and go back to my room. As time passed my dad started to get better and stopped the drinking as soon as he started going to church and found god. Then another tragedy happened our house broke down and the roof fell off because the pipes froze and broke, so there was a flood in the house. This left us with nowhere to live except …show more content…
My grandma had originally been taking care of us while my parents were at work before and after school. I remember there was a time that my mom took us to my grandma’s at 4 in the morning and when she left the police came and broke the door down looking for my uncle, I can remember the cops flash lights looking around for my uncle and questioning everyone to see where he was, then they saw him running outside and shot him with Tasers to get him down. After my mom heard about this she was afraid to even leave us there, that’s why my parents didn’t want to move in when we had to. As soon as we moved in I learned more than I ever knew before, I learned how the neighborhood was and who the people there were through my uncles. These things weren’t the greatest things to know especially for a 5th grader they made me grow up a lot faster that’s what my uncle had told me “the only way to survive here is to become like him and grow up and protect yourself. I was always afraid because they were gun shots around the neighborhood. This is also where I first discovered drugs I never did any because all I wanted was to leave and go somewhere I could be

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