Unexpected Event That Changed My Life Essay

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Unexpected event that changed my Life

Sometimes things happen in the lives of people that they have no control over. When these things happen I call them life experiences, and they often leave people muttering the words "Why me?" From time to time, actions of others affect my own. Other times, an act of irresponsibility and immaturity on people’s part could cause life changing events on our loved ones and on us. From bad events, I have learned; that they do not necessarily lead to misery. They may lead to good only if you work for it. When unexpected situations happen, it is the family that has our back covered and is the source of support through the changes. One such event is the unexpected arrival of a child - my child - changing my life forever. For good. My decision to become a single mother has been hard. At the age of 21, I had to drop out of school to work and care for my son, Ali. Though my family was there for me, I had to do my part in helping with the finances at home. I had to work fulltime and was ineligible for government assistance. There were times when life became tough and I wondered if I had made the right decision of keeping my son. But just a look at my son’s face proved that I made the right choice. It would have been a lot harder if I did not have the help of my family. When my son turned two, my family encouraged me to go back to school, and it was my mom who sacrificed her personal time to care of my son when I went back to school.…

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