Essay on Unethical Advertising Targeting Kids ( 2014 )

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Besides, a social factor plays a huge role as well. Children communicate with other children and share their experience and knowledge with each other. It might happen that one of the children has something that others don’t have yet, so, these kids would persuade their parents to buy this thing, whether it is a toy or a gadget, to be on the same page with the peer friends. However, parents may not be able or may not want to meet all of their child’s desires due to lack of money or perhaps because they may disagree that the product is a necessity for their child. The Hub Pages Internet magazine’s article “Unethical Advertising Targeting Kids” (2014) addresses exactly this issue. According to it, “advertisers try to make the child believe that they ‘must’ have all the products advertised and the child may feel that having the product or products, is necessary in order to be ‘accepted by their peers’”. In other words, if the child was rejected in buying a certain product might feel excluded from a social group. It also can result in a peer-pressure and a following depression and anger of the child. Such outcome can negatively affect his or her childhood experiences, as well as undermine communication with peers. Additionally, in “Television Advertising to Children: An Analysis of Selected “New Zealand Commercials", Hoek and Laurence point out that in the U.S. a parents’ refusal or failure to purchase the product requested by their child may create…

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