Understanding The War On Terror Essay

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After the 9/11 Event
In his 2012 book titled, ‘Understanding the War on Terror’, Patrick Coaty discusses issues related to terrorism, especially after the 9/11 attack. According to him, terrorism emerged at the end of the eighteen century in post-revolutionary France. The initial concept of terrorism was a legitimate system of government that used terror to assert its influence. However, the phenomenon of terrorism has taken different guises since its initiation, as modern-day terrorism does not recognize any law. Indeed, the concept of terrorism has experienced a redefinition and, currently, terrorism has consistently manifested itself in the form of Islamic fundamentalism.
According to Coaty, the September 11 attack enhanced the world’s alertness on terror. The United States government and other states have implemented various controls in an effort to prevent terror attacks. Unfortunately, technological advancement has increased the terrorists’ potential, making terrorism a real threat even to superpowers. Terrorism is essentially a vice founded on rebellious activities individuals, and it aims at expressing their discontent with the current governments. In addition, protests often fuel the conflict between an administration and rebels or other interest groups who may resort to terror to achieve their goals.
The United States has experienced the phenomenon of terrorism throughout the course of its history. Indeed, terrorism has had a significant…

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