Understanding the Doctoral Process Essay example

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Understanding the Doctoral Research Process

Julia Coy-Ybarra

Northcentral University

November 24, 2013

Understanding the Doctoral Research Process An obvious factor in understanding the doctoral research process is having chosen the right academy to pursue the doctorate. Other deciding factor are the reference resources that are easily accessible to the student—a Writing Center and a Library database. The ultimate decision is choosing the right specialization program. Once these are done, what follows are organization, commitment, and dedication to the doctoral process.
Following university standards is the threshold to acquiring
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Hence, formal research has eight distinctive elements (Leedy & Ormrod (2010) a) the research is initiated by a question, b) the formulation of a goal, c) a progressive plan that is specific, d) understanding the research divisible process, e) the research is guided by the question, f) critical assumptions are acceptable, g) formal research is problem resolution, and h) that research is “helical” by nature, which means the cyclical process starts wide and continues to shrink toward the middle as problem resolution continues to occurs (p. 2-3). Formal research includes the use of exploring research options in School of Education and browsing through scholarly periodicals. Today, the accessibility of the internet minimizes research activity a minuscule activity. In other words, by entering a keyword or two, surfing the web is absolutely a key function in research because it automatically connects internationally (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010, p. 9). However, the internet avenue of research does contain unreliable resources; so, one must be aware of the differences between validity versus reliability data (p. 29).
Validity versus Reliability Thus, what is the measurement instrument used to validate or decide if data is reliable? There is none, according to Leedy & Ormrod (2010) it is the human mind that is the research tool (p. 31). While the utilization of statistics is a measuring

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