Understanding Modern Art For Keyword Ideas Essay

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1) Which topic have you chosen for your Second Written Assignment (the research paper)? Provide the topic you have selected from the list provided and put the key concepts on the topic in boldface type:
->The key concepts of the topic I selected for this research assignment is the majority of artists in 19th and 20th century came up with on non-naturalistic colors techniques to express new modes of artistic expression. The key concepts of the topic, I selected for this research, assignment is the majority of artists in 19th and 20th century came up with non-naturalistic color techniques to express a new mode of artistic expression

2) From the topic, decide on keywords to use in your search. These can include important concepts from the topic, artists’ names, artworks, particular movements or “…isms,” etc. Note that it might be helpful to consult the course text …isms: Understanding Modern Art for keyword ideas. List the various keywords or combinations of keywords you could use to start your search:
-Non Naturalistic color
-19th and 20th century artists
-Post Impressionism
-Paul Gaugin
-Vincent van Gogh
-Henry Matisse Part 2: Starting Your Search Note: There are many good research sources and databases available to you through the University of Toronto library website. However, one of the most popular for art historians is JTOR and you are to use JSTOR for this Research Log. 1) Using the JSTOR database of scholarly articles, use a keyword or…

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