Essay about Underage Drinking Risk Horrible Accidents

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Not only does underage drinking risk horrible accidents, it also causes irresponsible behavior in drunk teens. Some of the behavior that goes on, the teens can 't control because the alcohol has taken over them. The behavior is very sporadic and risky. "In 2014, more than 1.6 million people between the ages of 12 and 20 reported driving under the influence of alcohol in the past year" (Lynsen). People from ages 12 to 15 aren 't legally allowed to drive, so that essentially is saying 1.6 million people are drinking under the influence from ages 16-20. Even after one or two drinks, a teenager isn 't able to process the right decisions as well, and this is what leads to deciding to drive home drunk or get into a car with someone who is also drunk. The alcohol is affecting the way they 're thinking and is greatly influencing them to take part in risky behavior. Drinking can lead to horrible actions as well, like drunk driving. If a teen is drinking, then this in turn increase the risk of encountering legal problems, like being arrested for drunk driving, or even physically hurting some while intoxicated (Lynsen). Most teens who drink, would never think of harming someone, but when they drink it all changes. Alcohol starts to influence their actions and they aren 't able to fully comprehend what they might be doing. Moreover, alcohol can also lead to a numerous amount of risky sexual behavior and just unintelligent actions in general. Alcohol consumption in persons 12-20 are…

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