Essay on Underage Drinking And Smoking Underage

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In the world today there are children and teenagers disobeying the law. They decide on who their friends are either good or bad. Their decisions may or may not put them in danger. The teenagers in the world today are drinking and smoking underage. By law, the legal age to drink is 21 years old, but for smoking it is eight-teen years old. Parents that have raised their kids has no control on who they become friends with. Although, some children are raised in a good household they can still be peer pressured into drinking, smoking, and violence. Many teenagers are pressured into drinking alcohol by people who are twenty years old and older. Teenagers want to be in their group, so they are willing to do anything just to be friends with them. These older twenty one year olds that are consuming alcohol will pressure those teenagers into drinking in order to be in their group. The way they are being peer pressure into drinking is by the twenty one year olds saying “You have to drink alcohol before I will be friends with you”. There are teenagers smoking at the age of eight-teen and younger because the people selling to product did not pay attention. As children watch the teenagers smoke it pressures them into trying it, but that one time can make them addicted to the cigarettes. These children are aware that smoking can damage their health. Teenagers will accept that first cigarette, just so they can be in with that group of friends. At the time they did not think of what they…

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