Under Armour Swot Analysis

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Under Armour’s Keys to Success Under Armour has positioned itself in certain strategic aspect of the market that has enabled it so see success. One aspect the Under Armour has focused on is the youth and amateur movement. Under Armour has aligned itself with the needs of youth an amateur athletes and has been able to capture significant market share. While its competitors are focusing their resources on satisfying the needs of professionals and celebrity endorsers. Under Armour has positioned itself as the brand for the for the every-day athlete. Under Armour recognized the value behind developing brand loyalty in the youth, because it will transition to adulthood. So Under Armour has taken the initiative to become a major sponsor …show more content…
The company stared with the vision of producing a more innovative training shit has evolved into a growing international company with products spanning multiple sporting industries. Under Armour’s attention to detail and quality product offering has allowed it to compete in an industry which Nike has practically monopolized. A SWOT analysis conducted on Under Armour’s business environment indicates that the company has great potential for growth. With the use of Technology and innovation Under Armour has the potential to capture more market share of the sports apparel industry from Nike. Under Armour has been strategically expanding its geographical rage in order to diversify its revenue streams because at the moment majority of is revenue is generated in the United States. The athletic apparel and footwear industry is expected to continue is current growth pattern as people become more fascinated with being health. In terms of market capitalization UA is still years away from competing with Nike. However, Under Armour has discovered strategies that has allowed it to rapidly expand and gain market share. The company has constantly return value to shareholders and its stock has seen tremendous success since its IPO. Under Armour might not have dethroned Nike as the sports apparel king, however it has definitely become a serious competitor for years to

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