Unc Walk For Health Organization Essay

791 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
- For my program I collaborated with UNC Walk for Health Organization for the 96 Years of Healthy Long-Living Prep High School Basketball Game held on April 9th 2016 at Chapel Hill High School. Let me begin, by explaining what UNC Walk for Health is all about. UNC Walk for Health is a two-person organization, co-founded two years ago by Bobby Gersten (UNC’s oldest living athlete) and William Thorpe to raise awareness of and provide practical solutions to chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer. Bobby is the host emeritus and Mr. Thorpe is the promoter. In other words, Bobby is the inspiration and Mr. Thorpe is the perspiration, that is, he is the one doing all the work. Every event that UNC Walk for Health is involved with has one or more of the following objectives: encourage youth participation in recreational activities, promote a life-long interest in maintaining physical fitness and publicly demonstrate that walking is the best physical fitness. For example, the current event that I was associated with covers that first part “encourage youth participation in recreational activities”.
- After completing this event, I was really happy to be exposed to some of the elements of preparation that promoters have to endure in order to run a successful event. It requires a certain level of planning and devotion that the average person does not possess. You have to strive to be perfecta and also be a people oriented individual that has…

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