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How will the Executive MBA program contribute to my career objective and how will my experience and expertise contribute to the educational experience of other participants in this program?

In 1994, onboard USS TRIPOLI (LPH-10), during my first Navy deployment, I was at a crossroad of leaving the military or staying in and making it a career. I was a young enlisted air traffic controller and had just completed my Associate Degree with, what I thought was, an impressive 3.6 GPA. I was ready to take on new challenges in life. During my deployment, I read a book by a successful Georgia businessman, Truett Cathy, “It's Easier to Succeed than Fail.” This book truly inspired me, because of Mr. Cathy’s great faith and relentless pursuit
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As you review my application, you will notice that I have a plethora of experience and education across varied occupational fields that will definitely contribute to the educational experience of others in the Executive MBA program. I am an accomplished technical leader and I have been a manager in various capacities and locations around the globe. I have learned to master the challenges of high tempo operations by taking charge of large complex projects and organizations. My leadership as a Defense contractor, Naval Officer and an Air Traffic Control Chief Petty Officer has groomed me, thereby making me ideally suited to successfully matriculate, participate and share my experience with my peers in this program. My successes are credited to a proactive leadership style, driving preemptive solutions that have quickly rendered challenging visions, coherent strategies, integrated processes, and relevant matrices in problem solving. As a former air traffic controller, my communication skills, interpersonal skills and my ability to organize are beyond reproach. I am very reliable, respectful, always the consummate professional and I strive for continuous improvement, not only for myself but, to set the example for others I may lead.

I look forward to the upcoming challenges that lie ahead and do hope I am

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