U.s. Government And The United States Essay

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America is one of the most powerful and wealthiest country in the world. The United States government is one of the most influence and idolize government in the world. The United States have a republic government which allow the people in American to elects representations from different states to represent the people in America. The U.S government allow the American people to have their god given rights free from a ruler or a dictatorship unlike many countries in the world, but before American was the land of the free they had to form a new government from Great Britain. A government that would not failed the people and a government that would protect the peoples’ beliefs and rights of America for many years. Now I know you are wondering how did American come together as a union and form a government that we still use today? The answer is with famous and well thought documents like the Declaration of Independence, The Bills of rights and Articles of Confederations help shape and organize The United State of American government to the government that stands today.
The United States Constitution replaced the preexisting legislative document which was the Articles of Confederation; this document is responsible for the passage of legal process within the United States of American. Alexander Hamilton, who was a lawyer with his own practice, a state representative from New York, and a member of the Federalist Party, has been credited with the initial views expressed in the…

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