Compare And Contrast Dual Federalism And Dual Federalism

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What is federalism?
Federalism “is a unique relationship between all levels of government that gives each some degree of independence from each other but definitely binds them together through the United States Constitution.” (pg. 69)

2. Why did the Founders feel that dividing power was necessary?
The Founders felt that dividing power was necessary because it prevents tyranny and ensures that there is a separation of powers within the government system, thus maintaining a balance.

3. Compare and contrast Dual Federalism and Cooperative Federalism.
Dual Federalism
Cooperative Federalism Layered cake federalism, meaning that “autonomous national, subnational and local governments pursued their own interests independently.” (pg.85)
Protected from interference with one another by thick layers of icing.

Both are forms of federalism.
Have national, state and local levels of government.

Marble cake federalism, meaning “the notion that the national, state and local governments are interacting, working together to solve common problems.

4. Define the meaning of decentralization. How does the US federal system display decentralization?
Decentralization is the “distribution of administrative functions or powers

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