U.s. Environmental Agency : A Public Health Issue Essay

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The main issue at hand, according to Seth Borenstein 2015 news article, “US tossing out 5 pounds of trash per person per day..." Americans are doubling the amount of trash that the EPA estimated. Daily Americans toss 5 pounds of trash a day a person, increasing the amount of waste and trash entering landfills. U.S Environmental agency began to require more municipal landfills to measure and report how much trash was heading into the dump in order to lower heat-trapping methane emissions. Yale’s team was one of the groups that gathered calculations. They discovered that in 2013, waste was increased to 294 million tons. Calculating 1,871 pounds per person in 2013. Powell at Yale’s Center for Industrial Ecology found that for every year worth of trash filled on average in the United States, landfills added 2.7 years worth of capacity. Americans do not recycle as much as the authorities thought, 12.8 percent of material that flowed into the landfill was constructed and demolition debris. This is a public health issue, because landfills give off harmful gases and odors that tend to spread through neighborhoods effecting environmental pollution causing health issues and sickness.
Cause and Severity of the Issue
Landfill gas can travel throughout the community migrating to buildings through; cracks on floors and walls, and windows. Landfill gases may move through soil into outdoor air as well as indoor. Gases may travel through the utility entry, for example floor drains. According…

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