Essay on U.s. Constitution And Texas Constitution

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The Federal and Texas Constitution each contain executive, legislative, and judicial branches; however, these branches are not made up the same or they do not contain the same powers. Texas constitution is twice as long as the U.S. Constitution, has 475 amendments compared to the U.S. Constitution with 27 amendments (Ginsbert et al, 2013, p 811). The purpose of such a long constitution is to prevent the Texas government from gaining and controlling too much power over the Texans. The U.S. constitution was written in such a way to overcome the Articles of the Confederation and this constitution has more power than the Texas Constitution (Ginsbert et al, 2013, p 811).
The executive power is constructed by offices that are separate from each other and the Governor (Davis, 2015). The Texas constitution has made the office of Governor one of the weakest in the states (Davis, 2015). The Railroad Commission that was established in 1890 is one of greatest power in Texas and is ran by only three elected officers who manages the policies for the oil and gas in the state (Davis, 2015). The U.S. Constitution Article II retains to the Executive office of the Presidents, whereas the Texas Constitution Article IV breaks down the executive power by offices. “These offices consist of governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, the comptroller of public accounts, and the commissioner of the General Land Office and the attorney general. “All of these offices are elected…

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