Similarities And Differences Between The US And Texas Constitutions

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Essay Questions: The US and Texas Constitutions
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Essay Questions: The US and Texas Constitutions
1. What are the similarities and differences between the US constitution and the modern Texas Constitution?
The US Constitution and the modern Texas constitution are both developed to govern American Citizens, although on different capacities. As such, much of the bills and sections in both Constitutions are alike. For instance, both shade light on representative democracy; sovereignty from the citizens. Equally, they both allow division of government authority between upper as well as lower levels of administration. Most importantly, both seek separation of powers among various arms of the governments such as the legislature, judiciary, and executive.
On the other hand, it is quite acknowledgeable and evident that the two Constitutions have various differences as well. To begin with, whereas the US constitution is meant
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Conventionally, the law would limit the federal government from baselessly upholding tax and spending policies. This would equally ensure that federal government’s legislatures’ powers limited as they will not be able to write anything and everything into law. Equally, it is worth noting that the constitutional amendment process of the Texas Constitution is easy and fast. This has always made it simple to amend sections of the constitution that are unnecessary due to various aspects such as politics, economy, culture, and even the environment (Gillette & Skeel Jr, 2016). If this would have been adopted by the federal government, important amendments would be made easily and faster, all for the prosperity of Americans. Also, this will ensure that all outdated and unnecessary sections in the US Constitution are amended or

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