Tyree's U3D1 Article Analysis

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Unit 3 discussion post one assignment was to cover selected article theory, its application, compare it to learners own research interests and look at the value of the article, as well as the global implications. In his post, Tyree was expected to evaluate the article and how well the author presented the research. Create headings that exemplify categories and finally proofread, use spell check and grammar check to catch writing errors.
This post will review Tyree’s U3D1 discussion in Unit 3, in an attempt to offer feedback and help to improve future posts. The comments and evaluation for each of the criteria listed are retrieved from Comprehensive Exam Rubric. This post will first look at the content and focus of the discussion. Second, evaluate the analysis and critical thinking of the post. Third, discuss the logic and flow. Fourth, analyze the structure and organization of the text. Then, explore authors writing style, and displays APA format, grammar, usage, and mechanics.
Content and Focus - 8 (Proficient)
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His thesis statement calls for examining the Disruptive Innovation (DI) theory in a geographical context and seeks to address the importance of the relationship between the two. Tyree’s selected article by Christensen, & McDonald (2015) that explains the DI in Hayward Business Review. Focus of Tyree’s post supported by citing works from & Mauborgne (2004) and Rusten & Overa (2014). According to Bloom’s cognitive steps, the highest level is the evaluation. Tyree’s post lacked the article review and the application to his research

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