Types Of Play And Their Functions Essay

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One thing that children do very well is play; yet it can be difficult to define behaviors are considered play with the introduction of technology based games This paper will discuss what components make up children’s by describing the types of play and their functions, how play has changed with the rise of globalization and the digital play, and will conclude with the developmental ramifications of these changes.

As stated in lecture, there are a numerous types of play children engage in which is directed related to development. Younger children will participate in such activities such as role playing, play fighting, rough and tumble, As children get older, their play will manifest by making and using small things to create model words which leads to creating an imaginary world that is fantasy, utopian, or a reveal of the real world. As the child matures, they will become more interested in playing traditional rule-based games with other children but may choose to make up their own rules or choose to not have any rules at all.

According to the text, these types of play do have a function, but no definite research has concluded what that function is. Many researchers believe that play allows a child to develop psychologically and cognitively, One could argue that a child develops in these ways due in part to Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). ZPD, as defined in lecture, is how a child learns from those around them, specifically older children and adults.…

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