Tyler Perry Why Did I Get Married

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Tyler Perry is an African-American writer who creates comical, Christian-based plays for his multicultural audience. He started his career creating plays; he later transitions his plays into movies using familiar celebrities, such Janet Jackson, Cassi Davis, and Wess Morgan. He also transformed his plays into TV show sitcoms, such as Meet the Browns, the Have and the Have Nots, and House of Payne. His works create awareness, discussing unrealized stereotypes and real-life experiences people live each day. The movie sequel, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married, focuses on the benefits and downfalls of marriage. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too received fair ratings from the movie reviewers, analyzing the movie aspects and reviewing the purpose Tyler Perry portrays in his movie.
One aspect of the movie is the characters. Compared to Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too, Tyler Perry develops the characters through similar situations from the first movie in order to uncover the nature of marriage in the second movie. A New York
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Tyler Perry redevelops real-life issues people see in order to speak awareness on these issues; he wants the audience to connect with the play as if their lives became staged before a live audience. Whether dealing with relationships or dreams, Tyler inspires his audience with Christian-like values in order to change their lives. In the end, the couples forgive each other and move on, even though tragedy struck the characters. Even though these characters are not real, they become real when it applies to people’s lives. This movie changes the perspective of marriage; even when people have great marriages, money and power over the other spouse could cause division. Therefore, what Tyler Perry does is phenomenal, and people should watch the movie before deciding it; he has passion to help us look at life in a real, but positive

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