Romantic Comedy Genre Analysis

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The Romantic Comedy genre is one of the most popular yet overlooked genre in the film industry. The cheesy dialogues, witty behavior, sexual tension, heart melting monologues and the friction between the main two characters in a romantic comedy film, is what makes this genre so loved and cherished. According to most people, the romantic comedies are viewed as ‘guilty pleasures’. In his book Boy Meets Girl Meets Genre, Jeffers McDonald disagrees with that statement by saying that “the appeal to audiences of such films in more complex, especially if the viewer inhabits a position where conflicting pulls of realism and fantasy operating” (McDonald 2007).

The question is - what is it that truly defines a Boy meets Girl genre? One of the top factors that help define it is -crying. Crying is a crucial
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Screwball comedies set a new trend portraying romance in the early cinema. There was a combination of fast-paced dialogues, witty behavior and most importantly the economical differences present between the main characters. The female protagonist often had a stubborn character to play and the narrative plot revolved around marriage, courtship or even remarriage. It Happened One Night is known to be the Godfather of screwball comedies due to the fact that it portrayed people’s views about rich upper class people during the Great Depression. It Happened One Night is known to be one of the key films in 1930s that inaugurated a new form of comedy films. It is a classic example of screwball comedies due to its basic yet cliché narrative of a rich woman meeting and being tamed by an inferior man, thus rotating around the social statuses during the economic depression. The stylistic changes made from screwball comedies (1930s) to contemporary romantic comedies (2011), are striking and can be seen by looking at Mise en Scene and the realistic factor of the narrative

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