Two Wolves Themes

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Two Wolves is a mystery/adventure novel written by Australian author Tristan Bancks. Ben Silver, a 13-year-old boy, is the protagonist who is on the run with his criminal father whilst deciding whether to follow his flesh and blood or the law. This treatise will discuss the transformations Ben has experienced during the course of the story due to a certain character, setting and event. The character mentioned in this essay, is Ray Silver, Ben’s criminal father. Nature, including the cabin and scenes which occurred there, has influenced Ben the most, changing his perspective on most occasions. Lastly, the event chosen for this appraisal, was when Ben was finally informed about his Pop’s criminal past and how this had affected Ben.

Ray Silver, a father and husband, have impacted how Ben matures throughout the book. Toward the midpoint of the novel, Ben experiences a brawl with Ray after Ben’s notebook had been taken away from him. Ray’s mockery of the notebook’s contents, amplified Ben’s antagonism toward him. Making Ben feel worthless and stupid. Seeking
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Paragraph one is about how Ray Silver, a father and husband, had impacted how Ben matures throughout the book. It is about Ray’s actions and the repercussions that occurred because of it, including how Ray is perceived as a ‘wrecker’. In the body paragraph two, the setting, regarded how Ben raised in the suburbs and being confronted with the wilderness and nature is one of Ben’s greatest fears. In addition, it stated his survival and confronting his fears. The final paragraph remarked, apropos of the knowledge regarding his Pop being a criminal, which led Ben to become more conscious of his actions and the possibilities of him becoming a criminal as well. Have you ever pondered about the people, settings and events in your life that have shaped

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