Summary Of St. Lucy Home For Girls Raised By Wolves

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Karan Russell “St. Lucy Home for Girls’ Raised by Wolves” is an abstruse baffling short story that embrace a human-like wolf pack to be taught into a human. The pack consist of three main captivating characters: Claudette, Jeanette, and Mirabella. Claudette, the narrator of this story is an average normal wolf girl that is “...Not great and not terrible, solidly middle of the pack” (232). This illusive narrative contains five stages that is written through the handbook, The Jesuit Handbook on Lycanthropic Culture Shock, which is supposedly meant as a guide toward the conversion of custom and culture of humanity. However in some of the stages, Claudette doesn’t meet the expectations, yet in some stages she does.
When the wolf girls first insinuate themselves into St. Lucy, they were expected to be joyful, curious, and engaged toward their new environment (225). Claudette indeed was inquisitive around her new surroundings. Specifically, when Claudette and the other girls was, “spraying exuberant yellow streams all over the bunks.” (225). Her action shows that she’s both engaged and joyful when their “bodies buckling in kinetic laughter.”
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However, due to the agonizing Sausalito dance, Claudette was unable to follow the nuns expectations. This can be depicted when she thought that the brothers “didn’t smell like our brothers anymore“ (241) and that they “smelled like pomade and cold, sterile sweat.” (241). Her thought process on the brothers new scent clearly shows that she is uncomfortable around them. Additionally when the Sausalito commenced, Claudette “months at St. Lucy’s had vanished, and I was just a terrified animal again.” (243). Unquestionably these demeanor represented the certainty that she didn’t accommodate the nuns

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