Two Systems That Work Together Essay

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Digestive and Urinary Systems

The digestive system and the urinary system are two very important systems for the human body. The digestive system helps use break down food to help nourish our bodies and give us energy. The urinary system helps are body gets rid of any waste produces that our body and digestive system doesn’t use. This paper will explain these two systems and how they work. The digestive system consists of seven parts in digesting food. The first part in digestive system starts in your mouth. (In the digestive process starts even before you even start to eat.) ( (When you smell the aroma of the food your brain sends a signal to your brain, then that signal goes to your mouth that puts your saliva glands
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The last part is the Urethra is a tube that leads from the bladder that removes waste out of the human body. One of the may diseases that the body can develop is Interstitial Cystitis. IC can act like others diseases, as far as symptoms goes. Some of the symptoms are urinating frequently, if you have pain that is decreased by urinating, waking

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