Two Opinions On Immigration Reform Essay

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Two Opinions on Immigration Reform
In the realm of “taboo” politics in the United States, there are many topics, such as Health Care, Abortion, and Immigration--to name a few--that attracts a lot of attention. Of the many controversial topics, Immigration hits the spot for most Americans, considering that over a quarter of the American population is foreign born or are first generation-foreign born citizens. Such is the case for “Why Not Reduce Legal Immigration,” by Elizabeth Van Staaveren, a longtime member of the Oregonians For Immigration Reform Committee, and “America Needs to Curb Immigration Flows,” by Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Alabama, who has been widely regarded as the “gold standard on immigration reform” (Hahn). In the two articles, the two shed light onto their dismay on legal immigration, writing that since the 1970’s (when Congress lifted immigration caps), the immigrant populations “[have] brought the foreign-born population to unprecedented levels” in the United States (Staaveren). Additionally, the two also write that since the 1970’s, the social well-being of the general populous of Americans have been eroding because of the increasingly competitive socioeconomic atmosphere from the influx of immigrants coming into the country. However, with the similar goal that the two share--in hoping to change the U.S. Policy on Immigration--they do differ in their respective presentations of their arguments, through the language and implicit allegories they…

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