The Tet Offensive

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The Vietnam War was one of most unpopular wars by American citizens during and year after the war. This war was almost last twenty years long. That is a long time for people to fight in the war. This war was despised by many U.S citizens, mostly younger generation thought of this to be as unjust and that Americans should not have entered the war at all. Many from this era of the still hold this was in contempt. It was so unpopular with the American public so much that Veterans that come back from the war were hated and treated very poorly for a fighting in this unjust war. The media played an enormous role in the way the Vietnam War play out. This war was heavily covered in the media during the period because it was an uncensored war and …show more content…
It was not always positive about the war and government supporting the war, but the American war for the war at the beginning, especially when were attacked by the enemy North Vietnam and its allies The media coverage at the start of the Vietnam War, for the most part, was positive about the war. The American citizen thought that they were helping the Vietnamese with their communist problem.
That all change when the battlefield is brought into American public home with the television happens to make the American question of whether going to Vietnam was a mistake. This turning point for the majority of the public opinion of the war was the Tet Offensive. Multiple of history books and texts book notes this event on the Vietnamese holiday of Tet to a turning point in the Vietnam War history. How did this event change the public opinion on the war? As state before the war was heavily covered in the in television news and newspaper and it had shown the public the dark side of the war in their homes. On the television, the public saw the horror of the war and the battlefield. In newspaper was an article about the execution and another shocking event as well as picture to go along with the article. Why were these events shown to the public? Reporters could
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This event began when the National Liberation Front and North Vietnamese army attack cities and military base in South Vietnam on January 30, 1968. This violence attack caught the American and South Vietnam people by surprise. Why did these attacks catch them by surprise? January 30, 1968, is the starting date of a Vietnamese’s Lunar New Year which is called Tet. This event happens to be a very sacred holiday for the Vietnamese, and it is also annual cease-fire in the war so soldiers could be home with their families. While this was a surprise attack, the American did beat back the enemy, but it was a stalemate at the best. This event started to draw questions about what the United States was achieved in the war and ask the questions on why we are in this war. These type of questioning of the what was going on is where the anti-war movement started to get more ground as it was a stalemate and there was not much the American military was doing to stop the North

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