Bob Dylan Vietnam Analysis

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These protests are interesting as they reflect a new motion that the media had set in action. A whole different attitude had emerged among the youth. This new attitude was highly critical and people began valuing their freedom of opinion. They demanded attention for the public voice and civil rights. Many protests against the war had been held all over the world which eventually became the US final draw. It was clear that the war could no longer continue with so many objections from the population. This did however not only influence the time period of the Vietnam War but would continue to play a detrimental role in the future as well. From now on the public opinion would continue to influence political and military decision making.
Bob Dylan,
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Many arguments are based on speculations and too many different factors, such as the enormous amount of media footage, play a role. What also makes it hard to give a nuanced view on the matter is the fact that all the American pro-war propaganda seems to have been banished from the internet. None of the pro-war articles released during the Vietnam war can be traced back. This has probably to do with the bad reputation of the American involvement that is associated with the Vietnam war nowadays. We can however state that the media has definitely affected the outcome to a certain extent. Even though the American media did not directly influence the political decision making of the US government, they did posses the power to create a powerful chain reaction. When the media became critical towards the government, the American people were forced to recognize the subject and in the process, form their own opinion about the matter. Suddenly, they were confronted with the war in their own houses which made it more of a personal matter as well. During the Vietnam War, this caused a large part of the population to adjust their opinion about American involvement. Many demonstrations arose and as a result, the military was forced to withdrawn from Vietnam. Because of the fact that we can simply not know how the war and the American opinion would have developed without media interference, we cannot accurately predict the influence the media did have. However, as we have seen for example with not only the Napalm girl but also the reporting on the Tet offensive, the media could certainly alter and even manipulate the public perception of the Vietnam war. The fact that the media was able to provoke a reaction of criticism combined with their ability to alter the perception of a whole nation makes it safe to deduct that the media was an important component during

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