American Soldiers During The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam war was one of the most publicly hated wars in American history. The number of deaths and troops declared MIA is unfathomable. These Veterans went through a lot, like most, but the main difference is that in previous wars, such as the Civil War, World War One, and World War Two are that troops were welcomed home with parades and ceremonies. The Vietnam troops were welcomed home with spit and protests. Most of these troops were never liked, rarely supported, and to this day are overlooked because some people don 't want to remember the years of the Vietnam War. In the end, the many Vietnam troops united with the sole purpose of recognizing their fallen comrades and treating today’s troops like they wished they were. Between 1955 …show more content…
In reality, most of these veterans were drafted and didn 't get the choice. When the troops returned home, they felt alone and ashamed for being involved in the Vietnam war. Vietnam Veteran Imagine fighting for your country and watching people being blown up and executed left and right. “You get real attached to them. I had three die in my arms. and that hurt more than anything else”(Vietnam Veteran- Sixties Documentary). You get discharged and return home with the pride of serving your country. When you step off the plane and immediately get in the middle of protests. According to Vietnam veterans, they were spat on and called “baby killers”. They felt betrayed by their country because of this lack of support. This impacted many of the troops mental states because they felt isolated. Many Vietnam Veterans cam home with PTSD the lack of support from their country did not help the situation.“We had to carry them out you know. And thats when it bothers you…”(Vietnam Veteran- Sixties Documentary). “You’d throw them on a chopper. And that be the last time you’d see them”(Vietnam Veteran- Sixties Documentary). The pain they felt because of the ting they saw. The friends they lost. Its unbearable for some to think or even talk about. “Because they had to endure so much pain and even felt abandoned by their own people and country, more than 100,000 …show more content…
Even today aren’t giving the recognition their bravery deserves. The American public mistreating the troops was their way of protesting against the war. The war is still today a sensitive subject and it’s not one that many people want to talk about because for some its too hard to talk about. The Vietnam veterans have never forgotten their fallen comrades and hold on to faith, hoping one day all of their stories will be

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