Essay On American Liberalism

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Richard Hofstadter said in his book: “American traditions also show a strong bias in favor of equalitarian democracy, but it has been a democracy in cupidity rather than a democracy of fratemity.”
The ideal of American Liberalism did not occur at The New Deal time period,but it did attract people at that time. When people realized under the situation of financial crisis,is was not possible that to still have a free market, they needed someone to involved into their economy and help them get out that Quagmire. Liberalism gave them an idea thay economy could not turn back without government’s involvement. Under Rossevelt’s leading, Americans trusted his promise that liberalism would help American rehabilitate economy again and stated to abandoned
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Vietnam was not the area that America should involved in, they believed Vietnam War was more like a civil war between South Vietnam And North Vietnam. And people realized maybe the war is not necessary, And they started to ask their government and themselves. Is this war necessary? Because they were not only losing their money, they were also losing their children. For example, they asked: “Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?” So they started different kinds of anti-war movement.The protects first occurs during collage campus. They started not to trust their government anymore. “Tearing up or burning your draft paper became a common occurrence and was seen to be the first of the protests against the Vietnam War.” And leading by students, more and more people started to against the war. What they believed was the government was wrong, the liberalism idea on Interkkkkk was wrong.They believed the overseas advance of democracy should be subordinated to US national interests require. If America is not yet ready for overseas advance of democracy, then we should stop. Because the majority of people wanted to stop the war, they gave the government so much pressure. President Nixon finally Nixon finally announced the withdrawal of all U.S. troops and the end of its involvement in Vietnam in January 1973. Form his words(Address to the Nation on the War in Vietnam November 3, 1969) , he

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