Travel Abroad Through Centre 's Study Abroad Program Essays

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When I discovered that I would finally be able to travel abroad through Centre’s study abroad program I was beyond ecstatic. Due to basketball I really have never had the opportunity to go abroad, because if we were to we would end up missing parts of our season and I just skip parts of the season. However I had heard so many great stories from all my friends about their experiences and how the trips not only changed their lives but also changed their outlook on how different cultures live. A bunch of us decided that it would be a lot more fun if we went as a group as we would not only have more fun, but also come closer together as a team. We decided on the 3-week Strasbourg/Paris trip and the rest was history. In this paper I will highlight some of my most memorable experiences, as well as how the trip changed my views on European culture and how their culture changed me as well.
While it did take a whole 2 extra days to actually make the journey to Europe once we made it we hit the ground running. One of the things that I will remember for years to come occurred on the very first day. We were touring the city and getting acquainted with where we were located, and then all of a sudden we turned the corner and here was this stunning cathedral that towered over the rest of the city. The sheer size and detail on the cathedral was stunning enough but then to find out how long ago the cathedral was built just makes you question how something of this magnitude was accomplished…

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