Transparency In The Workplace Essay

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Transparency in organizations among the workers
The global business world is going through varying degree of changes and the leaders, today, are facing the major dilema about the transparency they should maintain with the followers or co-workers. Today’s business environment is characterized by prominent examples of unethical practices and frequent mergers, acquisitions and downsizing, the followers ' trust in their organizational leaders has become an important issue. When we work for an organization, we want transparency in the workplace culture besides the need for job security and career advancement. Google Inc is a glowing example of transparency in the work culture. In the company, sharing information through weekly meeting
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They take all decision without consulting the subordinate and also donot believe in transparency. Communication tends to take one-way route. Subordinates have to depend on the superior for everything, like setting goals, determining priorities and implementing plans. Leadership is the exercise of influence over those who are dependent on one another; leaders are there to guide them. Most leaders do not believe in transparency, because they believe that the followers will view them as less authoritative and the credentials with which they worked will lose their power, leverage and gravitas.The followers expect the leader to be flexible and transparent enough. The transparency among the leader and followers helps in motivation and encourages them to take part in organization’s activities and achieve …show more content…
When the leaders are not enough transparent, the employees feels less motivated and is not productive towards achieving the organizational goals. There is an environment of disbelief and stress. Workers leave in the circumstances of uncertaininty and interdependence. These two factors represent two forces that often constraints manager’s activities. Unless managed effectively, these forces can interfere with the attainment of organizational goals. Thus, transparency in the work culture of the organization can help the managers minimize the power of the task environment over the organization and workers will be encouraged to be more innovative, decision making abilities will improve and they will be attached to the organization’s

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