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"Luna" by Julie Anne Peters novel about a transsexual teenager and the way he transition of her brother.The story very interesting and confusing about the way she told the story of her meant to be The stories that are woven together telling through flashbacks that help Regan remember that Luna always been her sister in a way only she notices. "It struck me like a hammer to the head. Well, duh, Regan. That 's exactly what he wanted. It 's what he 's always wanted. If Liam could wish for one thing in the world, one birthday present, he would ask to be born again. Born right, in the body of a girl" (Chapter 2, p. 14)The complicated character that played a role in the outcome of luna. Just like every family we do not see eye to an eye and
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Regan was shy and really not sociable at school. She avoids another student in order to keep a secret about her Transgender brother. Regan supports her despite growing fears about his decision to fully transition into a female. The siblings relationship is bound by fear and cemented with love. There are numerous lovely moments where these two characters understand each other 's pain and hope in ways no other person could.Like my case I have a Younger sister that I 'm very close witno matter what ,I know my sister will help me and work with me things that need to be done. That what connect with luna and Regan. I can relate to always having my sister’s back and looking for guidance. When something happens you got to just lean on each other for help to get through hardtimes.the slumber party when Reagan could have exposed Luan very early when Liam let her friends put nail polish on him nd he started to dance like he was free in his mind. When that rude girl Samantha was Regan best friend at the time and she wanted to know everything about her brother because she know that something was wrong with him.. She could told them about liam but risk of being exposed. That 's why always having our family back in any bad situation.Least a few scenes in which liam is painted as someone who can 't help himself from cross dressing. The …show more content…
With Liam lack of athletic participation and his masculine. “...When I asked [my dad why the sky was blue] he said it was because God 's a boy. If God were a girl, the sky would be pink. 'What about sunrise and sunset? ' I 'd asked.Dad had looked dumbfounded. 'You kids. You think too much. 'It frightened me how shallow the gene pool was that Liam and I were wading in.” Didn’t know how to connect with him because he didn 't understand him. When he threw a party for Alison and Liam, he made a scene that made his dad very upset. The dad was mad but feeling that you don 't have a special connect with your children . That why luna wants to be daddy little girl having a father-daughter relationship. When Luna came out he didn’t understand the concept of transgender and he didn 't see luna how she really meant to be. The connect with this is that I have a really good connection with my father and son relationship because I like doing a thing with my father like going out, enjoy life, and watching the game. My father also has a good father-daughter relationship with my sister because that’s daddy little princess. I get why the girl gets treated better because my sisters are important to me and my family. That help puts our family in line because they get that from my dad. Luna dad had to face what

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