Transformational Style Of Leadership In The Walt Disney Company

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Communication is vital in any organization; it can be a threat to success if not properly performed. The Walt Disney Company has done an excellent job of listening to their employees by creating open channels of communication within all business units and organizations.
As for the demographics of this organization, the members listed in the top position at Disney have a male to female ratio which is equal parts two men and two women in these ranks (Management Team, 2014). Between the management team and the board of directors, females are responsible for 38% of the leadership force at Disney. In a recent study conducted on women serving in executive positions across thirty-five countries, 17% of upper management ranks are held by females (Holst & Kirsch, 2014).
Leadership Style
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With that said, the most common type of leadership utilized is the transformational style of leadership. The use of a transformational leadership style in this organization started with the founder himself, Walt Disney. He created a culture of excellence by encouraging his employees to encompass his vision and high expectations (McAfee, 2014). Even without Walt Disney, the company continues with this leadership style in legacy. The current CEO, Robert Iger, practices transformational leadership and continues to develop new ventures for The Walt Disney Company. Iger incorporates these key elements in The Walt Disney Company from “The Bass Handbook of Leadership” necessary to be considered a transformational leader: individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and idealized influence (Bass & Bass,

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